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We advise small and medium-sized enterprises on the creation and taxation of companies, business transactions, verification of counterparties, mergers and acquisitions, obtaining permits, business liquidation; representative office of business interests.


What do we offer?

The LEGALACT Law Firm helps entrepreneurs go through all the steps of LLC registration - from the selection of the necessary KVED (Ukrainian Industry Classification System), the development of constituent documents and the determination of the taxation form, to state registration, the production of seals, EDS keys and the opening of bank accounts.
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Consulting in the entitlement issues

Consulting in office registration issues

Consulting in the amount of the authorized capital issues

LLC Statute Preparation

Preparation of the Resolution Record

Preparing the Application of the State Registration

Consulting in the selection types of activities

Consulting in assessed taxation issues

Single Tax Payer Registration

VAT Taxpayer Registration

State Registration

Perception of Abstract from the register 

Price List

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LLC Registration “on a turnkey basis”

(only Kyiv). 

150 $


Remote LLC Registration

(around World).

200 $


Individual LLC Registration

(around World). 

500 $


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

After the completion of registration you receive:
  • Protocol of the general meeting of participants or decision of the participant
  • Abstract of the documents submitted for registration
  • Statements from the USREOU (Ukrainian State Register of Enterprises and Organizations of Ukraine)
  • A Seal (if ordered)
  • A printout from the register of VAT payers and/or the register of single tax payers
You will participate minimally in the process, in fact 2 times
  • The information on the LLC registration (via e-mail);
  • The founders should be present at the notary when signing the charter or provide a power of attorney
  • The Director should be present at the bank while opening an account
What is the period of registration?
We prepare a complete set of registration documents within 2 working days from the date of submission of the registration information. The company registration after submitting documents to the notary is carried out within 24 hours.
What is the minimum amount of authorized capital?
The minimum, as well as the maximum, is not set. But still, it is relevant to indicate the amount that will allow the company to cover the primary costs: office rent, salary, other necessary expenses.


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